Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Montage to Mattea

I have been so horribly awful about blogging! It's like I disappeared from the internet entirely! (Not really, but y'know...)

Anyways, don't mind me while I throw up a bunch of pictures from MATTEA'S AWESOME VISIT!!!!!!

We had so much fun! ^-^

On the first Friday she was here, we had an all girls sleepover at the church!

We played tons of fun games like "HaHa" (pictured above), "Nertz," "Scribblish," "Telephone" among others. =)

The blackness of our feet afterward. We also ran around the church scaring each other and me and Matt had the inside joke of mentioning "the Zodiac killer" whenever possible.

exhausted picture Mattea took.

On Tuesday, Mattea's Aunt Sam and Uncle Doug were in town and we went to In-N-Out with them and went bowling.

I found out that I'm not that good at bowling. In the second game, Baby Will beat me. (I evened the score with him but then he went after me and he had the benefits of the giant dinosaur roller and bumpers!)

Me and Mattea playing "secret agent" at the grocery store! We videotaped ourselves racing through the produce section and humming "mission impossible." We got a lot of weird looks. But the produce man laughed and when we had to come back again, he asked how our video turned out! So we showed him.

Us with pastor Kyle.

And that's all I have on this memory card and computer. But more to come!