Sunday, June 17, 2012

DaMeesh can cook!

So... Cameron is gone at camp! (Sidestory- we went to the post office to send him letters and I sealed mine with a lipgloss-y kiss and wrote "From: your princess, castle in the sky." just for laughs. Which have already been had; right there in the post office. We made a small scene me and mom. And little old ladies were giving us funny looks... On the INSIDE of the envelope, I made lots of medieval references such as, "I pray you will forgive me like all good chivalrous knights" and "signed, your loving sister." fun stuff.) Case in point, Cameron is gone at summer camp, so Mom and Dad decided to take advantage of this opportunity to getaway to Scottsdale. Alone. Which would be utterly romantic (for them) if the u.s open wasn't going on right now... Just kidding. But the look on Mom's face when dad mentioned it was priceless!

They left me to take care of Pat-dog. Alone. I'm alone in the world! Woe is me! (Melissa will be joining me shortly, but as of yet, she has not arrived.) So I made a meal plan for the next fw days and ingredient and shopping lists. It was great. I felt like a big girl.

And today, I began my first...thing. I can't say meal, because it's hardly dinner time, and we're actually going to have it on Wednesday... But, I grilled chicken!!!

And for any other loners out there, I will show you how to make it in three easy steps (with pictures):

Pound it.

Season it.

Grill it.

(Anyone having Patty-cake flashbacks yet?) and look how beautiful it turned out!!! I'm so proud! There are also other steps involved, such as, flipping it and checking the temperature. But just remember- 160 degrees! Or else you risk food poisoning! (And my dad knows this stuff from restaurant managing.)

First Paper Returned!

This summer, I'm taking two online courses in "Leadership Theory and Practice" and "Leadership Management and Communication" (two really long phrases that basically mean "leadership and communication.) for college plus.

Both are fascinating courses, though the workload is intense. For one of them, I have to write a two page paper each week in a study of how communication works in an organization of my choice. Exciting stuff(!) I was at a loss for what org to choose. I originally wanted to study TYPS, but the timing was bad for them as they're preparing to go to a national competition next month. Instead, I chose our youth outreach group at church, simply because I have intimate knowledge of how it works and what communication they use etc etc.

Annnnyways... I got my first paper returned to me, and I scored 27/30 points! ^-^ Shoutout to my awesome editor/consultant/advisor-- Dad!! He is the reason I deleted a horrendous paragraph that read like a narrative and not like an essay. Many thanks to him, and much excitement looking forward!

People in Grocery Stores

So Mom and I were in the cereal aisle of the grocery store and there was this lady there and she asked us for help finding which cereal was on sale this week. So we helped her and she kept talking to us, but she was kind of turned away from us, so it took awhile for me to tell (which made her look like she was talking to herself in the meantime!). And then she spied a box of Wheaties and on the box, there was an old picture of Bruce Jenner (To commemorate the upcoming Olympics this summer.). So this lady starts going on and on about this guy (who, at the time, I had no idea who he was- and now, I only know his name because i googled him) saying, "God, he was so hot. Still is. Well...maybe not his nose, but you know... D---." and thus, she went on and on about how good-looking this olympic athlete was in his day for about five minutes. The funny part was that me and mom didn't even say anything to her, but she kept going. I think she used the word "hot" about three or four times.

It was the quirkiest* little encounter I've ever experienced! And this lady was probably in her forties or so. It just made me laugh. I love random interactions with strangers like that.

*For those of you that do not know, I have had a history of interactions with strangers, including (but not limited to) crazy chicken man, middle school boys, and a liberal on a plane.