Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Look at Me and My Bad Self

Grillin' ribs outside! And they turned out so delicious!!

Memorial Day Weekend in Roper Lake

Right after Mom and I returned from San Fran, we went camping at Roper Lake. It was Dad's decision and I thought it was a little crazy but we'd already planned to go so we were going.

It was a nice weekend. Eventually, it got so windy that the only game we could play outside was Yahtzee (which Dad was kickin') and a giant dust devil came and took out our awning so we decided to go home early.

But while we were there, it was fun. We convinced Pat to go swimming a little bit in the lake. His first swimming experience! ^-^

Also, I had a stalker! There was a boy that kept walking by our campsite and "texting" (but he spent an awful lot of time "texting" around our campsite!) And once he brought his friend with him and they kept looking over at us. I pretended not to notice. but Mom and Dad teased me a lot about it.

It was so funny! Dad was like, "I think he likes me.." XD
"Yeah, Dad. Cuz who wouldn't?"

I took a picture of him walking by but he was too far away. I circled him in red for your convenience:

all in all, the lake was nice. They allowed campfires. Nice bathrooms. Not too rowdy. We'll probably go back. Perhaps when we're not tired from another trip.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Final Countdown!

Because I did not know how to adequately express my dire need to finish my last chemistry module TONIGHT before me and mom fly off to California, I composed a song.
The lyrics go like this:

Three more pa-ges,
Two more reviews,
And then the final--
Exam! Exam! Exam!!

This, I sang while dancing around the kitchen and half whispering to myself (and to my mom in the next room, who called me a nutburger.) All the while in my head, the music is crashing and building and building until the final screaming climax-- EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! And in my head, there are these great exploding things- call them fountains, call them lights. call them soda pop. Call them whatever, they are things! And the crowd goes wild as the rockers rock out to this song about the final exam. This song about finishing chemistry. This song. This beautiful beautiful song that I composed... oh it was so beautiful in my minds eye. It moved me to tears. It was absolutely beautiful.

And, of course, in order to not be hypocritical, I had to post this before I actually did the chemistry homework so it would be true. So I'm off to do that now.

No, I am not procrastinating by writing this.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Limits" on Mail Art

So this morning, I had another appointment with the doctor/chiropractor for my back... It hurt.. It really hurt. Last night I spent on the floor just to see if that would help anything but it made things worse to my thinking. When I woke up this morning, it hurt to get up off the floor. Not even kidding.

I've been having problems with my back for about a year now and they just won't go away. The doctor said I don't have enough muscle or fat in my body to hold all the bones in place so they easily get thrown out of alignment. Basically, the only thing I can do for it is maintain good posture and start building up the muscles in my back.

I've been having a little trouble in the posture department though. When I make mail art, I start to hunch over after a while. I don't even think about it half the time. And I'll spend hours and hours sitting on the floor of my room making mail art. The above envelope, I created last night. I painted that!!! I've been trying out some new techniques and stuff. It's pretty fun.

But today, Mom broke the depressing news to me that she's going to start "limiting" my mail art activities. Which means, I can't do mail art for a little while. What? No mail art? How will I live??? Mail art is my outlet for creativity!! Mail art is like my life!

It's the worst punishment she could possibly give me and I didn't even do anything! I know she just wants me to be healthy and feel better...but but. Art is my baby!

It makes me want to cry.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Water Day!

Every year, the homeschool group has an annual water day to close out the year. All the kids get together and there's a fire truck and they had Eegee's this year... It's B.Y.O.W. (Bring Your Own Water.) And you can bring your weapon of choice. Be it water balloons, or special guns, or sponges, or, my personal favorite--plastic cups!!

I took a page out of Mr. Huberty's book when he used giant tumblers to dump water on us on the sixth grade camping trip. I've been using them for about four years now and they are quite effective. :)

 Cam was a beast!! He was attacking all the girls (oooh!! just kidding. They were his friends.) And he got very soaked. Look at the poor Arizona grass!!

 There's me with my cups and gallons of water. I took about five gallons this year. It was enough. I am pretty conservative about using it though. At least this year.

Every year, different groups of kids form "bases" or "forts" or "camps" and they hide out in them and attack other camps. I joined a camp this year and it was pretty fun. I didn't get as wet as my renegade years though. (Which can be either a bad thing or a good thing. Depends on how wet you want to be.) I was like the "fort guarder" because there was a place at the back where all the pesky little kids would come through and steal water balloons. So I splashed them in the face with water.

It was pretty fun.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Homeschooleres Can Have Dances Too!!

So my friend Tasha has been teaching people how to ballroom dance for about a year now. It started as a small group of us on her patio in the hot Tuesday evenings of last summer. But now, she has a class she teaches at Co-op on Monday mornings and she teaches a few of us on Wednesday nights before youth group. They've held quarterly dances and I think this is the fifth or sixth one...

It's really nice that we get to have our own dances and dress up and whatnot because then I don't feel like I'm missin' out on anything from public school. Because public school dances (Sadie Hawkins/spring fling, homecoming, prom etc. etc.) get so much hype and they sound fun. (I had a friendsopt not to hang out with me in favor of going to homecoming once..) But I'm really glad we get to have our fun too.

But I am so terrible about taking pictures!! I tried to get a few tonight:
The whole group. In our Sanctuary
closer up
candid of moi
boys ignoring the camera. It's a little fuzzy but this really captures the spirit of our dances!! Sitting around... texting... while girls are dancing with girls.... Get up and ask one to dance!!

Nicole's sweet self!! ^-^ love this gal!

And I'll throw in a cute one in for you just because I like it. ^-^

This was from our last dance, which also doubled as Tasha's 16th birthday party. It was so fun and I did my hair up all preeety. (wish I had a better picture of it. I'll try to get one from Tasha's mom. She took a picture of the back.)

Actually, I'll throw in an extra cute picture (not extra-cute but another cute picture.) This was from tonight. Same dress different hair/makeup/shoes. I've gotten so much mileage out of this dress for the two years that I've had it.. I wore heels for a good portion of the evening. After about two and a half hours though, I had to change into my flats. Christian was like, "why do you wear them if they hurt?" and I was trying to explain to him, "because they're pretty!" but he didn't really get it. Kerri understood me though!

 Maybe it's kinda hard to tell in this picture, but I am wearing blue eyeshadow. (crazy right?) I showed Mom and she was like, "you can barely see it!!" And then she attempted to add more blue eyeshadow and make it darker! Haha. I love my mom. I went back and toned it down a bit. :)

The dance was sooo much fun! It was like a fairytale that I didn't want to end. It was so wonderful! My heart feels so light and happy and wonderful! (And it has been over nearly two hours already!) I felt beautiful and  (mostly) graceful... We did lots of different ballroom dances: waltz, swing, and some two-step... I also know salsa, cha cha, and foxtrot, but didn't happen to dance any of them tonight.

There were a lot of awkward new guys. Well, they weren't awkward on the whole, but awkward to dance with. I think it is so funny, sometimes! It's like they don't know what to do. But they eventually get the hang of it. The only thing with dancing with the new guys is that it takes a while before they really get comfortable with turning the girl and stuff (which is quite possibly the best part!). And also, when they are looking at their feet, they don't really talk to you... Haha. But it's alright. Everyone has to start somewhere!

For anyone who cares to hear me rant about Christian:
Dancing with him is so much fun and it is so wonderful, as always. Everything feels so right. We are very good at the waltz and swing dancing together. All the turns and twirls and dips flow together so nicely. And he is sweet and makes me laugh and sometimes we talk when we're dancing; other times we don't. Kerri says it is fun to watch us dancing. ^-^ Ah, it was such an amazing evening and I am soo happy...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Torture at the Tyler's!!

You would not believe the things mothers do to their daughters!!

The *Culprit:

*highly suspected
The Weapon:

Actual Eye Drops used may vary.
The Wielder of the Weapon:

picture taken May 2007
"Could this lovely, sweet woman really be a perpetrator in this violent crime?" you ask. Yes. She can!!

The Victim of Circumstance:

She made me. She made me! All I had to say was, "my eyeballs were just itching." and that was the end of that. Never again. I will keep my itchiness to myself!

I complained and carried on. I told her not to. I tried to run away. I told her I was fine and I didn't need eyedrops. But she insisted I have them.

She made me sit down in that chair and the dirty deed was done in 30 seconds. But the whole time, and for several minutes afterward, I was pathetically laughing and crying. (why I was laughing, I do not know--but perhaps it was because I was remembering a similar, more extreme tantrum I had over eyedrops about ten years ago. Aunt Colleen probably remembers. I''m sorry!)

The thing about eyedrops (and anything and everything else having to do with the eyes...) is that I have a sort of sympathetic reflex that kicks in and my eyes tear up-- which is why I'll never be an eye-surgeon.

Happy Allergy Season!