Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend in Roper Lake

Right after Mom and I returned from San Fran, we went camping at Roper Lake. It was Dad's decision and I thought it was a little crazy but we'd already planned to go so we were going.

It was a nice weekend. Eventually, it got so windy that the only game we could play outside was Yahtzee (which Dad was kickin') and a giant dust devil came and took out our awning so we decided to go home early.

But while we were there, it was fun. We convinced Pat to go swimming a little bit in the lake. His first swimming experience! ^-^

Also, I had a stalker! There was a boy that kept walking by our campsite and "texting" (but he spent an awful lot of time "texting" around our campsite!) And once he brought his friend with him and they kept looking over at us. I pretended not to notice. but Mom and Dad teased me a lot about it.

It was so funny! Dad was like, "I think he likes me.." XD
"Yeah, Dad. Cuz who wouldn't?"

I took a picture of him walking by but he was too far away. I circled him in red for your convenience:

all in all, the lake was nice. They allowed campfires. Nice bathrooms. Not too rowdy. We'll probably go back. Perhaps when we're not tired from another trip.

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  1. Haha, remember that stalker I told you bout at Celestial Seasonings? That was hilarious!


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