Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fool's Hollow Lake

For the weekend, we went to Fool's Hollow lake for a little bit of camping!

Isn't it beautiful? The lake was so lovely and the temperatures were nice.

Es my sweet conehead!! (For those of you who don't know, Pat had a cancerous mass on his leg and we ponied up for the surgery to remove it. Fortunately, the cancer was benign so everything will be okay, but he still has the cone for a few more days.)

Melissa got to come with us! And we had so much fun!!

Together, we had our first rowing experience! It was great. I took my camera with me (playing with fire, I know.) in a plastic bag, so the next pictures are kind of blurry.

I was nervous about taking it out of the bag when we were surrounded by water (I know what you're thinking, "then why did you take it?"), so I just left it in the bag.

Now, notice the clarity in this next picture:

This was on land, and I had the confidence to take it out of the bag. On the way back, my face got sunburned and now, I look like a racoon. >.< Should've worn sunscreen! We both got slightly burned, but it wasn't that bad.

The boys spent most of the weekend crawdad hunting. Crawdads are small lobster-like creatures that live in freshwater lakes and streams. In this particular lake, they were an introduced species (ie. non native) and considered as vermin so we were allowed to take as many as we could capture.

The boys captured 15, and cooked up a nice crab boil and proceeded to eat the little crustaceans by themselves. (Me and Melissa weren't really interested.)

And then, they decided to suck the brains!!

Mmm! Yummy(!) Apparently the boys liked them, despite the look on Dad's face. Cam's saying: "If it doesn't make a horribly disgusting sound, you're not doing it right!"

Later that night, we told "campfire stories" and the topic of "zombie crawdads" came up several times. =)

On sunday, it poured! It poured so much that our tent collapsed! And we had to sleep in the trailer. It was pretty exciting. I took a video but it isn't loading, sadly. Later, I'll have to upload it to Youtube and post the link here or something. It literally sounded like dropping a tin of marbles on a tile floor. It was crazy. Pat was out of his mind.

Overall, it was a very nice trip. And I was sad to leave. But we'll definitely be going back for more.

COMING SOON: Youth Group camping trip is on Mt. Lemmon in a few weeks!!! I am so excited I just want to run around in circles with my hands in the air and squeal! ^-^ We're going to spend a weekend up the mountain with just the youth group. Should be fun. I'll try to take pictures!