Monday, May 2, 2011

Torture at the Tyler's!!

You would not believe the things mothers do to their daughters!!

The *Culprit:

*highly suspected
The Weapon:

Actual Eye Drops used may vary.
The Wielder of the Weapon:

picture taken May 2007
"Could this lovely, sweet woman really be a perpetrator in this violent crime?" you ask. Yes. She can!!

The Victim of Circumstance:

She made me. She made me! All I had to say was, "my eyeballs were just itching." and that was the end of that. Never again. I will keep my itchiness to myself!

I complained and carried on. I told her not to. I tried to run away. I told her I was fine and I didn't need eyedrops. But she insisted I have them.

She made me sit down in that chair and the dirty deed was done in 30 seconds. But the whole time, and for several minutes afterward, I was pathetically laughing and crying. (why I was laughing, I do not know--but perhaps it was because I was remembering a similar, more extreme tantrum I had over eyedrops about ten years ago. Aunt Colleen probably remembers. I''m sorry!)

The thing about eyedrops (and anything and everything else having to do with the eyes...) is that I have a sort of sympathetic reflex that kicks in and my eyes tear up-- which is why I'll never be an eye-surgeon.

Happy Allergy Season!

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  1. ACK! I hate eye drops! I'm incapable of putting them in myself. I have to lay on the floor and Daniel has to sit on top of me with my arms trapped under his to hold me down for him to be able to get a drop in. And that's when I WANT them in! I feel your pain, Meesh.


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