Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Paper Returned!

This summer, I'm taking two online courses in "Leadership Theory and Practice" and "Leadership Management and Communication" (two really long phrases that basically mean "leadership and communication.) for college plus.

Both are fascinating courses, though the workload is intense. For one of them, I have to write a two page paper each week in a study of how communication works in an organization of my choice. Exciting stuff(!) I was at a loss for what org to choose. I originally wanted to study TYPS, but the timing was bad for them as they're preparing to go to a national competition next month. Instead, I chose our youth outreach group at church, simply because I have intimate knowledge of how it works and what communication they use etc etc.

Annnnyways... I got my first paper returned to me, and I scored 27/30 points! ^-^ Shoutout to my awesome editor/consultant/advisor-- Dad!! He is the reason I deleted a horrendous paragraph that read like a narrative and not like an essay. Many thanks to him, and much excitement looking forward!

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