Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Stock Game

In Financial Peace University (which I was taking for a school credit! Yay dual credit!!), and we were learning about stocks and mutual funds!

Enter: the Stock game!!
In the stock game, Dad gives me imaginary money to play with and spend on whatever stock I want. And after that I'm not really sure what happens. A few weeks ago, I was brainstorming for the different stocks I could "purchase." I am not allowed to use any of the stocks we already own...

We began this game a few years ago before my dad moved down here and became a financial advisor. However, the game was never finished (as it stands now... we haven't moved beyond the brainstorming point.) and we are still trying to play it.

I am not sure what happens but if/when we finally get it going again, I will update! :)  I think I have a greater understanding of stock now than I did a few years ago, so hopefully I will do better and understand the way stocks work even more!! Yay! *fingers crossed*

One day, I am going to be very smart on the subject of stocks.

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