Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vice Verses

This awesome video doesn't say enough about how awesome THE SWITCHFOOT CONCERT(!!!!!) was!!

But because I never (or rarely ever) include only one picture.... Here are a few more: 

For Christian's birthday, his family and a couple friends went up to see Switchfoot in concert in Phoenix on Friday night. It was so much fun!
 There was much iPod/iPad game playing on the ride up between Joe and Logan's iPods, and my device. Christian's favorite game is this game called "Cut the Rope." You have to slice the little ropes to get the candy to the frog. It is a ridiculous game, but he likes it. *shrug* Joe and Logan were playing "Cuberunner" in the back.

 The lines were crazy long! This is the front of the line, and we'd arrived about two hours before the concert even started. We ran into Ben and Maddie there and they were five hours early. (They were like the 8th people in line.)

The back of the line. If I was taller, you'd be able appreciate the full extent of how huge this line was..

We were among the first three hundred people in line, so we got wristbands to go on the floor!! It was so exciting!! We were really close to the front!

This is an awful picture of all the cellphones in the crowd during one of the opening bands. (If you can imagine, the other picture I took was even worse, so be happy I spared you.) All the cellphones was probably the coolest part of the opening bands. Nothing really exciting happened until Switchfoot came out.

 THERE THEY ARE!!!!! Oh the lights, the music, the fist-pumping!!! The epicness!!!

 Jon Foreman (the lead singer) came into the crowd!!!!! Look how close I was to him!! There are only three or four rows of people in front of me!

Then he jumped into the stands!! Right next to Christian's parents!!! Who were quite pleased and surprised by this.

The lighting was amazing. It is so hard to capture in photographs. The whole thing. It was just amazing. I can't even describe. Switchfoot puts on a good show. It also helped that I knew nearly all of the songs they played from my concentrated album listening over the last two weeks and also songs I'd just heard on the radio or friends' ipods.

This was as they were leaving the stage. By the end of the concert, I was near-deaf, hoarse, and sure that I needed to see a chiropractor. (which will probably happen on Tuesday.) It was a wonderful experience. I was torn between not wanting it to end and feeling completely exhausted. Since it was in Phoenix, I didn't get home until about 1:30am.

I know I keep using the same adjectives to describe it, but they're just not enough. If you could see me explaining to you, there would be much arm-waving and gesturing and jumping and pitches my voice doesn't normally go to*. All that jazz. All in all, it was a fantastic concert and a wonderful evening.

*I was literally squawking in happiness when my video finally loaded. You have know idea how happy I was...


  1. Oh man, that looks like the most fun birthday present ever! I love Switchfoot! And that's so awesome that they came out into the audience!

  2. Awesome!!!! I was listening to black horses while i read this and as soon as it was over i clicked on your video and there was the same song! Totally weird! Sound like you had a amazing time!

  3. Sorry meant dark horses. O_o Me and my scatter brain...


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