Monday, May 10, 2010

Chow Mein!!

My Mom decided she would treat our home group to a ginormous batch of the best chow mein ever this evening! If you have never had the privilege of homemade chow mein, then wow. I feel sorry for you! (Not for reals but Mom's chow mein is kicking awesome!) She is cooking the noodles right now, as we speak!! (er, I mean type!) She has cooked four packages this morning and we decided that there will need to be a sacrificial noodle cake for our labor. Yay!! When I heard that, I began to chant, "Sacrifice! Sacrifice!" It made mom laugh.

And earlier, Mom was looking at something on the package and they suggested a pesto chicken recipe!! =O Can I say that I am horrified?! And even worse-Mom thought we should try it!! *gasp!* The horror! I shot it down immediately. "How can you make chow mein noodles and not use them for chow mein or noodle cakes?" I said. And the answer is: you can't. I refuse to participate in such sacrilege!! =) Hopefully it comes out good. (I'm sure it will.)

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