Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IOWA Testing!!!

So here, the school district has AIMS testing. In California we had STAR testing. Guess what homeschoolers get!? Iowa testing!!! Yep yep yep. No lie. No joke.

I took my own kind of standardized testing this morning with a bunch of my other homeschool friends(There were 13 or 14 of us in highschool). It was...interesting. To say the least. I wasn't nervous but I didn't know what to do with my hands so it probably came across as nervous energy. Today we did various language sections and one math section. Tomorrow, we will finish the test with a little bit of language and math plus some social studies and science.

It was so bad! I really did eat a decent breakfast this morning. I really did! I had spaghetti and I made myself finish it! But when 11 o'clock came around, my stomach started growling at me!! It was horrible! And of course, it was much worse than usual since it was silent in the room. I had the opportunity to eat food at break earlier but I wasn't hungry then! It was so bad. I finished the test twenty minutes early and asked if I could leave to go to the bathroom and feed myself. I was still hungry after eating but my stomach didn't growl at me any more so that was good.

The test was easy for the most part. And we goofed off a little bit between sections. It was fun! Well, as fun as standardized testing can be when you're not allowed to talk or listen to your ipod.... (Yeah we all thought that was horrible. No ipod? But why???) Overall, I think I did pretty good. We got my least favorite part out of the way -- reading and comprehension!! I hate those things!! That is the one where you have to read the passage and answer the questions. *shudders* me no likey. They are not very fun. But after tomorrow, it will be all over! Yay!

I guess it's not really that bad but still...

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