Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Critical Role

If you ignore the mess that is our patio, you can see that we set up a mister system made out of PVC pipe!! (not, a Mr. system... but a pipeline that blows mist at you when you hook it up to the hose.)
Okay, I know it's hard to look past the messy background, but try anyways..

 I thought I should document the role I had in this experience:

The Cement Holder!! Dad took this from his perspective on the step ladder. I also helped mom mark and cut the PVC into 2-ft. pieces.

And also, my dad actually using the cement and my hand holding the can as photo evidence that I actually did help.

Even though it was stormy, we turned them on after we finished! (Because we had to try them out.) It's pretty cool!!

Still kind of working on Reunion posts. (Except, I'm not really working on them, I just haven't forgotten that they're not done yet.)

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