Sunday, July 3, 2011

Update!!! In Process...

Ah, I feel like it's been awhile!! we just returned this afternoon from a 10 day family vacation which was great!!! But now I have a bunch of pictures to post!! O_o And I'm also realizing, that there were a few trips in May that I haven't blogged yet so I will be working on those and thanks to the wonderful feature (which saves me so much time and makes me look like a good blogger) "scheduled posts," they'll be posted "on" the days they happened.

In case this is too complicated, I will just add the links in a nice bullet point list here as I publish so they'll be easy to find.(here is an example from when I did it in April)

Bullet Points:

Or... as I just realized, there are no posts (as of yet) between the family reunion ones and this maintenance one, so you can just scroll down. (But I will keep them linked here anyways)

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