Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dad's Childhood Revisited!! Seattle/Bellingham Day 3

On Sunday, we visited the McGregors (good friends of my parents) in Bellingham and we had a good chat with them.

I tried to take amazing pictures of the kids with Dad's super special high resolution camera...

But sadly, half of them turned out all black!! *thumbs down*

After talking to them, we went to the island of Dad's youth: Lummi Island.... *cue fanfares*

We took a ferry there!!

This is the house where my dad grew up. He drove us around and pointed out all the settings of all of his and Uncle Brian's awesome stories!! Many of which we were not allowed to hear until recently in Colorado..

When we got to the island, we pulled up to the school and Dad showed us the playground and stuff, but there were people inside the schoolhouse!! They were cleaning up after some event they had there so we got out of the car and asked if we could look around. Dad explained that he used to live there and everything.

They let us in! And it was so neat!! We saw his classroom and the little gym.. There was a coatroom and a music room and a teeny tiny kitchen.. it was all very quaint..

More pictures of Dad's house...

It only took like an hour and a half (if that) to tour the whole island so we got in line for the next ferry ride back to the mainland. While we were waiting for it though, we got out to look for seashells, along the shoreline.

We were so preoccupied with looking for seashells, that we didn't realize they'd started loading cars onto the ferry!! We scrambled up the rocks you see in the second picture, but by the time we all got to the top, the ferry was full and we had to wait for the next one!!

So me and Cam looked for more seashells while we waited, with the warning to come back up when we saw the ferry coming back from the mainland.

Needless to say, we caught the ferry the second time around and made it back to the mainland.

views from the ferry.

Once we reached the mainland, we drove over to the place where we were meeting the rest of our family for dinner in Seattle. I forget the name of it, but the place was similar to Texas Roadhouse with less steak on the menu..

The whole family came! Uncle Jack and Aunt Judy (naturally), our family, the whole other Tyler Clan, Matt and his friend Ben, and Dan and Laura. Ben was a most interesting person.. Sometime after dinner, he was talking about awkward things so I left to "go to the bathroom" and me and Ishta just hung out in there. I don't think he noticed my absence though, which is fine.

I didn't realize Dad was taking this picture, but this is Ishta and myself at our end of the table.. It was a nice meal, and Aunt Judy got birthday apple cobbler, and my parents got anniversary icecream.. Me and Ishta decided to add our signature to the bathroom stalls... There was already a lot of writing on them though, so I just added a gigantic tree... Not my best tree ever, but who cares.

After dinner, we went back to Uncle Jack and Aunt Judy's for our last night and the next morning, we left for our plain trip home. Cam was not far-sighted enough to think of and bring a costume, but Aunt Judy fixed him up to look like a great nerd!! I went as "The Scream" which is a painting by Edward Munch. We got a lot of interesting comments at the airport.. It was a lot of fun. =)

So this concludes our Trip to Seattle.

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