Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Live Blogging on Espresso!

9:14pm:  I don't know how many people (who actually look at my blog) are online right now, but I realize there are some things, I probably shouldn't have... Is Espresso coffees after 6 o'clock one of them? I don't think so!! (as my dad would say, "You're not qualified to make that diagnosis..")

In any case, I have decided that I like espresso coffees and Daddy made one for me tonight. It was sooo tasty!! I feel like a gorilla cheerleader!!! I want to chant "Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!!" While I prance around my mother in circles.. Haha! The thought of that makes me laugh so much!

9:17 pm. I want you all to know that I feel ALIIIIIIIIVVVVVEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huah! Please excuse me while I paint you a picture showing the victory and energy I feel...

 9:23 pm. This did not quite turn out the way I intended it.. One reason is that it looks quite a bit more despairing.. I am not despairing.. I am a lion!! Roaring in triumphant energy. ROOARR!!!

Let me try this again on a piece of paper and with crayons and maybe it will turn out a little better. However, this may take longer as I have to take a picture of my drawing and upload it after I draw it...

9:33 pm. I am back!!! Behold!!

This, I believe, is an accurate crayon representation of what happens to me on Espresso... It's funny; I've had a few lattes the last couple weekends hanging out with friends, and I never felt like this... @_@

It is truly fantastic! I feel like frolicking through fields of flowers and dancing under rainbows and around the butcher block in our kitchen and doing cartwheels while whooping through lawns of green grass!!! I feel like a dog with it's head out the window...

Kinda like this:

But without the floppy tongue and all the slobber...

9:42 pm. I feel like this is the extent of all I have to say.. but I still have energy!!!  Like a pogo stick on steroids...

9:45 pm. Did you know that if you google "pogo stick on steroids," you actually get a result for a super powered pogo stick!! It's like pogo stick for adults... it says it works like a trampoline.. Cool? Yes..

 This teeny tiny picture doesn't do it justice... Look up the "Fly bar" if you are interested. Or just "pogo stick on steroids" would work too..

9:52 pm. You know, the thing about coffee, is that it goes right through you... It's kind of like tea... (Or tea is kinda like coffee? I'm not sure which one came first..) I'm also drinking an arnold palmer at the moment, so that oculd be contributing..

But I hate having to go to the bathroom every ten minutes or so.. I went to starbucks a few weeks ago and I got a tall vanilla latte (and tall is the smallest size they have!!) And then, I had to go to the bathroom like eight times over the next four hours!! What's up with that? I don't get it... It also didn't help that I was sucking down water like a camel.. (or a cactus) at IHOP afterward... I had like three glasses...

9:58 pm. So You know what I just realized? I was supposed to take a practice test for a computer exam tomorrow which I'm taking at 1 o'clock... But I didn't.. I am so ready for this test to be over.. How computers work can be a very dry subject... Especially if you have to read 200 pages or so of it... =P Anyways, the test is tomorrow.. I'm feeling relatively confident about it.. If confidence were a measure, I'd have half a measure and be looking at it as half full, not half empty.. if that makes any sense... Or is anything on here making sense? I don't even know...

10:08 pm. I just nicked some candy out of my super secret stash... (which everyone who comes to my house pretty much, knows that it lives in the jaws of my closet..) I wish I could say I nicked it out of my little brother's stash just because it would be really funny when he finally noticed (if he noticed at all, that is..)

10:11 pm. I just announced to my mom that I have been live blogging this whole time about Espresso jitters and she laughs and says, "No more espresso for yous!" And I start the "insane giggle" as I'm lowly feeding (or attempting to) a twizzler into my mouth like a log into a lumber mill.. She said that adding sugar on top of it, isn't helping.. But I don't mind. ^-^

10:21 pm. I believe you can do a lot of damage with these things... Phone, camera, crayons and twizzlers? Oh yeah!!

10:24 pm. A haiku for you:

Yummy Espresso
You do stranger things to me,
Than just plain sugar.

A dead man walking,
Prowling through the house at night,
But I feel ALIVE!!!

I decided that some of my best prose comes out at times like this: late at night, on caffeine and/or sugar, sometimes with friends around... On Friday night, Nicole spent the night to write our brains out together and we ended up staying awake until around 5 in the morning... But I think one of the best scenes in my whole novel came out about 4 am or so..

I wrote this amazing cannibal scene in which my main villain cuts off the MC's (main character's) finger and cooks it up like a sausage and then eats it in front of him!!! The scene was totally epic. I read it out loud to Nicole and we were scaring ourselves with it.. It was so... gruesome.. But it was awesome. Best scene in the whole book so far... Which is almost finished. I will be sad when this one is over. I've had a lot of fun with it..

The only thing with late night prose is that as you get later into the night, even if the prose gets better, the spelling gets worse.. Fun stuff though.

10:34 pm. Whelp, I think this is enough crazy weirdness for tonight.. I'm gonna sign off here for now.. I apologize that I neglected to break up some of the text with more pictures... But you can only pirate so many off of Google before you start to feel bad... In any case.. This is all for now.. Chow.

bathroom tally: 345

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  1. Nice. Today, according to my calendar, is Pumpkin Spice Latte/coffee day for Nano. So you can do it all over again! Yay! Haha. I miss being on a sugar and caffeine high with you...oh, the good old days...


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