Sunday, December 4, 2011

Up on the Rooftop!


is Rooftop. And he is a cat that lives somewhere in the vicinity that is "across the street." We're not really sure who he actually belongs to.

But he is a very friendly young cat and I like him. And he likes me too!!

A rather unflattering, but closer up, picture of Rooftop.

I want to keep him!

Dad said no. *thumbs down* I even showed him how cute he was (which is not accurately shown by these cellphone pictures from this afternoon), but he still said no.
Nevertheless, I am bonding with that cat!! He is so cute and cuddly and playful! I went out and pet him with Melissa this afternoon and then again when I got home this evening. He was waiting for me on the step when I got home! ^-^

I was going to set up a box with a blanket and some food for him, but my dad said if we just leave him outside, he'll probably go home to his family. =(

But I decided to give him a chance to go to his own home and if he's still there in the morning, I will go ask the neighbors if he's their cat. If he is, I'll stop my efforts to love him and train him to respond to the name "Rooftop." If he doesn't belong to the neighbors, then I will somehow convince my dad to let me keep him!! YAY!

Hopefully, he won't be too cold tonight... his fur isn't mangy like a stray so Mom thinks he might belong to someone. =/ Sadness. But maybe he's not. And maybe he can be mine!! *happy dance with smiles and flowers*

PS. In case you were wondering how I picked out his name, I was going to name him Lucky and then decided that there was nothing particularly lucky about him, so I decided to call him Rooftop because I've seen him padding across the neighbor's roof on a few occasions. And since I started calling him Rooftop, the name has rather stuck in my mind. =)


  1. Awww! He's adorable! I'd want to keep him, too! I don't even know whether to hope that he has owners or not! It would be so sad if he were a stray, but it would be so fun for you to keep him! And I LOVE the name Rooftop! It's original and adorable. :-)

  2. Meesh, is there some way that I can make it so that when you post or someone comments, I get an email?


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