Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Most Beautiful Dress in the World or Why I Now Love Thrift Stores

Dear folks, the first annual homeschool vintage ball is coming up in February!! And I am sooo excited! You can dress up in any era (including modern) and then you get to dance and have a ton of fun!

Mom and I decided that we were gonna make a dress and I picked out this amazing pattern that I really loved. (It was just a modern bridal gown that we were going to do in blue.) But we nixed that idea due to our inexperience at sewing clothing (and lack of time) and went thrift shopping instead!

Yay thrifting!! (I swear, they had cuter clothes than I would've ever expected!) I tried on about eight dresses. There was a cute little black dress that was probably my second pick. But THEN. Then, I tried on the final dress and it was The One. The dress to top all dresses. Mom picked it out. It's a strapless dress, that was too big. I practically swam in it and had to pinch the back to look decent enough to come out of the dressing room. But it was so beautiful!! And a decent price. (twenty bucks, no biggie.)

We bought it. Tee hee hee. Bonus! It was half off! So we got the dress for only ten dollars! Then we came home and altered it. Yee haw! The dress is a mauve-y pink-y purple-y color. A color I would not have picked for myself, but when I tried it on, it looked so nice! "Dusty Rose." is the word I'm thinking of. It looks beautiful.

So we went to JoAnns to get matching thread and some extra fabric and then with the soft whir whir whirring of the sewing machine and drone of football on t.v. and the guys' excited yells at every touchdown, we went to work.

The bodice was too big, so we moved the zipper in and then we added straps to the dress to make it "homeschool approved." But extra support is always a good thing in my mind. We also made a few repairs in the skirt; that's all. The whole thing was a snap. And for twenty bucks (counting the costs to alter the dress), that's a steal! It was amazing.

So now, I love thrift stores! I had no idea that they would have so much cute stuff! Maybe it's just low expectations, but wow! =D I have not been very impressed with the Twice as Nice close to our house. They're selective about what clothes they take and are on the more pricey side. But thrift stores.... *thumbs up* 

 Post-altered dress. Don't tell my mom I put this unflattering picture of her bedroom up on the internet. It's the only room in the house with a full length mirror. Obviously, a photograph can't capture the true color and depth of the dress. (but the backlighting and messy room don't help either. just look past those things.)

I will be posting more pictures of the dress in all its fullness and glory after the ball. I'm so excited!! I'm such a girl. =)

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  1. It looks great, Meesh! Though the other one would have been pretty, too...either way you look gorgeous. =)


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