Monday, January 16, 2012

Ski Day with Dad

Sadly, I'd already written this post before it mysteriously disappeared!! =(

I shall now pick up my poor dejected self by my bootstraps and attempt to recount the events of yesterday.

The day was all planned out. Cam was going sledding with his youth group. Me and mom were going thriftiness after we dropped him off and then- me and dad would head up the mountain for some ultra special ski time!!

But it didn't work out that way. The mountain was closed at the base because it had snowed the night before! So Cam's trip was canceled.

But at 11:30, when we called to see if the road had opened, we got the same message that had been running for three hours! So we decided to take a chance. We went up anyway.

And guess what? The road was open!! (don't you love how the risk takers were rewarded? It makes me want to steal a popular line from debate, "should we penalize those America has rewarded for taking risks? America was built by risk takers.. Etc." I must sound like a super nerd about now..)

As we climbed up the twisty road, Dad remarked about the bad conditions. It was raining. And we were driving through heavy fog. Dad thought the whole trip would be a bust.

But miraculously! When we reached the top, it wasn't raining! And there was no fog! So we decided to ski after all! =)

Cam wanted to try snowboarding this time. He was actually pretty good! But once his lesson was over, he was done. So he built a small snowman outside the lodge while Dad and I did a few more runs.

It really was the perfect day, despite the bitter cold and the wind. I love the thrill of the snow slipping under my skis and the wind whistling past my ears. There's just this aura of excitement that billows up inside me. I love skiing!

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