Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grand Canyon!!!


Well, I'm sorry it's taken so long!!! Geez. So here are the highlight of the camping trip in the Grand Canyon. I'll try to keep it short-ish but most likely, this will be a long one. But with lots and lots of pictures so hopefully, that makes up for it. :)

Day #1-

We hiked out on the south rim. ^Jordan, Cam, and Samuel, on the edge. 

The boys being silly. Joe, Daniel, and Christian. They were all making me nervous. (on purpose of course.)

Back at the campsite, we began a rousing game of "A Rumpa Se" (I have no idea how to spell it...) A fun game that requires keeping a beat and lots of cups and singing and fun. It was awesome! And for lack of cups, we used water bottles which somehow ended in a water "war" that got us in trouble with the parents. Oops.

Day #2-

More hiking out on the Rim. In this picture, Jake is leaning over the edge. What you don't see is all the kids behind him, egging him on to get the parachute man that is just out of reach.... We saw some discarded parachute men and wanted to launch some of our own into the canyon....but we didn't have any so we told Jake to get one of the ones that we could see and I think the parents caught the words, "you can go down and get back up before they [the parents] notice..." and of course, they told us "no." Someday, I'll go back and I will take parachute men with me!!!

We also found the path down which you can hike all the way to the Colorado river!! We didn't go down this trip (but Kudos to Aunt Brinda who did!! We went down the path about a hundred feet or so and I took a picture of this sign..

Then, we went out to the Rim to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful!! There was a girl there who was playing the guitar and ukelele and she was really good. You can check out her myspace here.

Day #3

I do believe this is where it gets a little fuzzy for me...

Ah yes, the third day was a fun one. We had a cherry pit spitting contest in the neighboring (empty) campsite and my friend Milea won. (Woohoo Milea!!) It was so funny because Joe "interviewed" Dad and asked, 
"How does it feel to lose?"

And Dad gives the famous ESPN speech, "You know, I did my best but today, my best just wasn't good enough..." it was SO funny!!

We also went out to the watchtower and I am telling you, if you ever go, and you want to go inside, there are a LOT of stairs! My goodness!!!

We found a little path and followed it and got all the kids together for a picture right there by the canyon!! Fun stuff. The boys wanted to go farther but we told them "no." Left to Right: Joe, Christian, Daniel, Me, Jake, Milea with Jordan and Cam in front.

DAY #4 
We mostly just hung out at the campsite. We did a little hiking but not a lot. We played a LOT of card games. Hell (also called nertz), 6-pack, El Presidente, and Egyptian Rat stuff.
^Jake and Christian playin' guitar.

Everyone decided to leave a day early (including us) because it got very cold. All in all, it was really really fun!! We sang around the campfire the first night. I played Mom's cajon (which is a box drum) and we went star gazing two of the nights.... It was a lot of fun. You gotta love camping!


  1. That looks like so much fun! And those pictures are amazing! I'm glad you guys had such a good time!

  2. Meesh, Jake has a Justin Bieber haircut, in case you still didn't know what that looks like. But Alex's is a lot shorter. So is Justin Bieber's, if I'm being completely honest. It looks like you guys had fun! And it's cool seeing Daniel again. Joe and Jake (and Christian) too.


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