Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pretty Flowers!!

Sorry y'all. I haven't (completely) disappeared!! I've been doing a lot more updates on my mail blog which I started recently. You can check out my pretties if you want. :) 

One thing you should know about me, (if you don't know it already..) is that I adore flowers!! I love love love them!!! They just make me happy. Ridiculously happy.

Every other morning, it's my turn to walk our dog Pat (at 6 am...) and usually we walk through a wash/alley. One day I was walking and I saw this amazing flower!!! When I first saw it, I seriously thought it was fake. Because there was only one (as there is now, but there wasn't a wilted one before.) and it was HUGE!!!! Like the size of a funnel!! Wait, that's a bad comparison. It was like the size of.... a large danish! But not the same proportions as a large danish. Maybe a little smaller... a medium danish perhaps? Please don't imagine a danish on a stem. Maybe I could compare it to something else...hmm. Anyways, it was pretty big. But then I touched it and it was real!!!!

But sadly, I didn't have my camera (or phone) with me at the time so I had to leave it and hope everyone would believe me when I got home. (I even thought about going back to take a picture of it later that day but it got too hot.)

I watched the flower for a couple days and took my camera with me on a day I knew it was going to bloom and tada!! I got these four pictures!! Yay! That was probably on Friday... They will probably bloom again soon-over the next couple days; it's pretty easy to tell... but yeah. Pretty flowers! Made me happy!

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  1. Love the flowers! In Colorado, flowers are everywhere, but in Tucson they're so rare that I've learned to appreciate their beauty so much more. :)


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