Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodies from the mailman

I declare, I have the BEST mailman in the world!! (or at least our town!)

He happens to know how much I love letters (judging by the fact that I probably send out and receive the most amazing mail he's ever seen!) and consequently office supplies and so he left these treasures in our mailbox this morning!! Isn't that nice!!! our mailman is awesome!!!

For some odd reason, I feel the need to sum this up in conditional statements! Yay for applying what we've learned in school!!!

Major Premise: If you like writing letters, then you like office supplies.
Minor Premise: Misha likes writing letters.
Conclusion: Therefore, Misha likes office supplies!!!

Therefore, my statement above saying that Chip (for that is our mailman's name) knows I like office supplies is correct if we are using these premises. Don't you love logic? It is probably the most pointless thing I've learned in math so far but it is quite a lot of fun!

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