Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do You Really Wanna Know?

For those times when someone asks, "Do you really wanna know?" and immediately after: "How bad do you wanna know?", There is now a scale of 1-10!!  Me and one of my friends were goofing off when we came up with this yesterday:

1. "If you tell me, I will punch you in the face."
2. I really don't wanna know.
3. I don't wanna know.
4. I don't really care if I know.
5. Indifferent.
6. I'd prefer to know but I'm fine otherwise.
7. I'm pretty sure I want to know.
8. I want to know.
9. I really want to know!
10. I am dying to know!!!

Yeah, it was pretty funny!!! How badly do you want to know? :)

Sorry, for my absence! I'll try to get on more often. (sometimes its hard to think of what to write though!!) Check out my my mail blog to see the fun things I've been sending out lately! (I'm a lot more active on that blog... but then again, I'm never at a loss for a topic when I'm over there either...)

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