Sunday, October 31, 2010

That Time of Year Again...


Well, It's that time of year again. Yes folks, it is NaNoWriMo Time!!!! NaNoWriMo (wri as in write-not wree...) National Novel Writing Month. November 1st-30th. 50,000 words of fiction in 30 days and it starts tonight... O_o 

Can someone please scream and run around in circles please? Thank you!

As of right now, I have about four hours before the madness begins... and only a vague sense of plot.
This is what I posted in the forums:

So far, mine will be about fake religion and hypocrisy (now that I'm thinking about it, it the main fake religion will probably be similar to how the Pope took control of the Roman Catholic Church..) And it's all very mindless and zombie-like and this fake religion is mainly just recruiting... I guess it's also kind of like a cult.
But there is a group of children who breaks away from the mindlessness and probably tries to overthrow the figure that is a parallel to the Pope and undermine the whole religion and establish a true faith... I don't know. Something along those lines

Popes and Cults and Rebellion! That is the extent of my plot so far! 8 hours and no beginning, I hope I can get my hands on some mountain dew tonight! Midnight tonight!! It's on!!

Feel free to badger me about it any time you want! Ask me about my wordcount! Ask me how my characters are doing! Ask me how much caffeine/candy I've consumed!! (I've begun hoarding some awesome stuff for my super secret nano fuel/stash!! And I will be adding to it later tonight!!)

On a side note, for Halloween, I'm dressing up as a very French artist. And I have a super awesome finger mustache!!! Will post pictures later!! Happy Halloween/Almost November!!

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