Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Of Finger Mustaches, Snowman Pajamas, and Walking with the Old Man

I wish I had more better pictures to show you... but I don't. And I took this myself (which is why it looks so bad!) Seriously, I don't get people who can sit there and take tons of pictures of themselves... For one thing, you always end up with your arm looking like it has cancer! And then, whenever I do it, I always feel like such a dork. This was one of those moments. The reason I'm smiling? Not because I just painted myself into the painting of Mona Lisa. No, I'm smiling because I feel ridiculous taking pictures of myself. (that's why you don't see very many pictures of me on this blog; cuz it doesn't happen if someone else doesn't do it.)

So, for Halloween, I dressed up as a French painter and I had a FABULOUS finger mustache (which I didn't get a picture of, sadly.) We went to a church fall festival (the big church...) and Cameron got a lot more candy than I did!! It wasn't fair. I think I'm getting too old. I feel weird and awkward saying "trick or treat" now. But somehow, by the grace of Cam and also Sydney and also Miss Darlene and soon to be, possibly, hopefully, Daniel, I will have more than enough candy to last me through November. (Noveling snacks!)

When I wasn't getting very much candy, I was like, "I declare socialism when it comes to candy distribution!" (I am learning much about socialism in history. Everyone works according to their ability, and takes according to their needs.) And Dad looked at me from pawing through Cam's candy bag and said, "Yeah, get out of her Frenchie!" XD It was so funny!! I just laughed. Next year, I am dressing up as a mahjong tile!!! We'll see how that one works out...

Then today, when I walked the dog, I decided I would wear my pajamas out. Because I can. Because I felt like it! And I decided that just for this morning, I wouldn't care what anyone thought of me! It was all very great fun. I imagined all the looks people were giving me as they drove by. It amuses me. And I was really super warm! Last Christmas, Mom made me a pair of flannel snowman pajamas (actually, the whole family has matching pairs.) and I wore a pair of leggings underneath. My goodness! It was so warm!! I wish I had a picture but again with the taking pictures of myself thing.

And on Monday, I was walking in the evening and I saw an older man (okay, he was an old man. But not like, frail or anything..). And we know the man...sort of. His name is Carl and he has a dog named Daisy and we walk by his house every morning with Pat. So I caught up with him and decided to walk next to him and talk to him as if we'd been friends for a long time!! :) I explained who I was of course. And we talked about his dog and how he tries to walk her for an hour every day. And I told him I missed seeing him in the mornings... It was a nice conversation. Nice dog. nice walk... It was all very nice.

On a side note, I think I have *drumroll* 4,288 words!!! and more writing today! I'm going to hit 5,000 today. I am I am I am!! I think I wrote 2,000 ish words yesterday...

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