Thursday, November 11, 2010

My New Pet

I am pleased to announce that I have a new pet!!!
His name is Fred!!
He is a typewriter!!

Yes indeedy!! I bought this lovely typewriter at a garage sale for-wait for this... five dollars!!!! It is so amazing!! Cameron has been begging me to let him use it ever since I brought it home. I told him no... Dad got it to work for the most part. The ribbon is old so we just messed around with a piece of paper. It was great. :) Writing nonsense sentences on this clunky old typewriter...
But anyways, Cam is dying to use the thing and I keep telling him no because I don't know how to work it!! (Soon enough, I will have the skills... soon enough!) But for the time being? I don't. And dad doesn't always have the time or interest to help us... hmm. I will have to find someone else. I have already pleaded to the Amazing Typewriter Brigade from Nanowrimo and they were very helpful indeed.  They told me where I can find ribbons for this. Hooray!!

All in all, I am very enamored with Fred. (I have always loved the way typewriters looked!! I don't know why... And I started wanting one after someone wrote me a letter with a typwriter... it was FABULOUS!!) I just don't know how to use it...

Another typewriter was also mentioned in this post. For those of you who might (or might not, as the case may be) be interested. Hmm, now that I've looked at the picture better, I think that other typewriter is cooler... but Fred is cool too.

More Pictures:

 Did I mention it comes in a super awesome case??

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