Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Have Decided...

I have decided that coffee is a wonderful thing. I used to not like it, just because it was bitter but you know, with a little bit of half and half and some sugar, it really isn't half bad!! I tried it one day when I was falling asleep during school so I poured myself a cup from the dregs in the pot and after drinking it, I felt more alert. It was amazing!! Although, the bitter aftertaste is a little hard to get past in the beginning, I don't think it's so bad!!

I used to dislike coffee because I had a bad experience with it. I'm like five years old and my job is to collect the dishes in the living room and put them in the sink. Most of the dishes in the living room were coffee cups. Usually, they were empty but on occasion there was coffee! Well, one day, I got the great idea of seeing what coffee would taste like!! O_o Looking back, I realize that the coffee was probably several days old but still, after that experience, I very highly disliked coffee for a while. And at the time, I didn't know any better! But still, it did not taste very good. And since then I haven't really liked coffee. But recently, I've been trying tastes of it here and there and recently, I've drunk whole cups of the stuff.

But I'm not an addict or anything so no need to worry (yet).

I am also discovering that it seems to go straight to your bladder. T_T But I think the alertness is worth it! But ultimately I think that it depends on my mood. I won't drink it if I don't feel like it. But I just had a cup today to help me keep up on my writing. I was starting to feel some brain-deadness so I had some to give me the stamina to keep writing. But I am most tired of looking at screens. I am so close to 3,000 words for today though, that I will probably just finish that up and call it a day.

41,033 words!!

Also, in other notes, Aunt Colleen arrived today! Hooray! It is so good to see her again! I will post our adventures with her later.

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