Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Last night, I reached 50,000 words!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

I was so happy!! And so fried... I ended up writing about 4000 words yesterday. But I did it! The story completed itself at 50,130 words although I might add to it in the next week, rearrange scenes and what not. I was so tired when I finally got there, it was like my mind went kind of numb...

And then I proceeded to do my happy dances all around the house while singing "No Eating Here Tonight" from Finding Nemo.  Although, I must say, I think the effect was rather lost because I was really hungry at the time and it was nearing dinner... but no matter!! After the quiet numbness wore off, the excited giddiness set in. And I could not stop dancing all around the house. It was great fun.

And now, me and Bethany are planning to do a novel swap at some point (details still need to be worked out) and in the meantime, I will be rearranging scenes because this year, I didn't write my story in any sort of order, whatsoever. But following whims is one of the good parts about NaNoWriMo...

Now, though, I'm not really sure what to do with myself... I think I will be getting the NaNo Blues pretty soon. I'll probably end up filling the empty space with mail... (it's been piling since November started..)
and thus, I welcome myself back into the real world!!

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