Saturday, February 23, 2013

Childhood Revisited: Turning 18


For my 18th birthday, I was going to host a huge shin-dig and invite all my friends (because I've never really hosted a big birthday party before). And I was going to make them play a massive game of Bartog tournament style, buuuttt, I changed my mind. (And not just because I was behind and hadn't sent my invitations two weeks into February!)

Instead of Bartog (which I could probably do any time I wanted, just for kicks.) I decided to revisit my childhood for an entire day. Bubbles, hopskotch, jumprope, freeze tag, playing at the park... the whole Shi-Bang all in one day. Seems like an appropriate send-off into adulthood, yes? And the answer to that is a ringing, resounding YES!

I swear, it was the BEST day EH-VER!!!

First, my birthday outfit:

Pink Tutu? Check!
Feather Boa? Check!
Sparkly Princess Crown? Check!
Movie Star Sunglasses? Check! Check! and Check!

AND! My tutu came complete with a Princess Ariel patch on it!

Fun Fact: I took a four year old girl shopping with me as my "fashion consultant" for my outfit! Miss L. has an impeccable sense of fashion! I love her. She is awfully sweet and we had a blast thrifting together! =D

I'll admit, I did feel ever so slightly ridiculous at times, but, it was totally worth it, and as you can see, I was sooo fashionable! Although, I believe my little brother *cough cough* Cameron *cough* would beg to differ, because when I walked out in my birthday outfit last night, he looked at me and he just laughed at me! As if it was some kind of joke! (Which it wasn't.) He is such a butthead! #angryprincess

I drew up a list of things for us to do, and decorated it in pink and purple, princess-y fashion. "Misha's Magical Birthday Itinerary." This was the road map for our day.

We spent the majority of our day at the Park. The first order of business?
1. Hopskotch!

 We made a gigantic hopskotch path at the entrance to the playground, using a whole bunch of different colors.

After regular hopskotch, we played a French version called "Escargo." My cousins and I used to play this game in the highschool parking lot all the time. You have to hop on one foot to the center of the spiral. And if you make it to the center and back, you get to pick a square to be a "home" space, where you (and only you) can put both feet down! And as the squares get taken, it gets harder and harder. Sort of a simplified monopoly, and whoever has the most initialed squares wins!

All of the chalk we used.

2. Swings!

I have not swung on a real swing in such a long time! It was wonderful!

"high five!"

And a shot of my feet against the sky, with the playground in the background. Great in concept and theory, not so great in photograph! You just don't get the sense of the swing!

3. Kite-Flying

When I see this picture, I think of that one moment in Emperor's New Groove where he turns into a parrot and says, "Hey! We're flying!" Because, in the next picture...

The kite's on the ground! Ah well. We tried so hard to make it fly, but there just wasn't enough wind for it!

4. Tree Climbing

Streeeetttcchhh!! Or, as my mom would say, "Big stretches for little princesses!"

And of course, we had to take a hanging picture! Look at that shadow! This picture makes it seem a lot less dangerous than it actually was. (but don't tell my mom that.)

5. Blowing Bubbles!

What playground experience could be complete without bubbles?! I only wish there had been kids on the playground to enjoy them!

But we had a great time!

6. Jump Rope

We didn't have ropes long enough to do anything cool like a big swing or double dutch. But I used to know a super cool trick where you can run in and jump at the same time as someone else! My technique needs to be perfected a bit.

Little Sass-a-frass pose! I love this picture!

7. Playing on the Playground

8. McDonalds Kids Meals

9. Carousel/Merry-Go-Round

We drove to Trail Dust Town to ride the Merry Go Round, but when we got there, we couldn't find it!! So we ran around taking a bunch of pictures instead!

The Birthday Girl? In Jail?! What is this?

"Precious! Like me!"

Then, as we were leaving, we drove around the back of the parking lot and Melissa found the Merry Go Round!! So we stopped and rode on it.

10. Fort building
When we got home, it was already quite late in the day, so there were quite a few things on our itinerary that we didn't get to. We built a blanket fort and laid down in it for an impromptu "nap time." (None of us actually slept, sadly. We were all so tired from playing all day! Being a kid is hard work!

After Dad got home we went out to dinner at a sushi restaurant (my favorite!) The manager was so friendly and nice! She looked at my crown and was asking all these questions in thick, Chinese-accented English, "Highschool graduation? or.. birthday?" We told her yes it was my birthday and I turned 18 today. "Eighteeen! Wow!" And after we stuffed ourselves with sushi, the whole crew came out with a tamborine version of Happy Birthday and Tempura-fried Icecream! All in all, a truly excellent birthday, I couldn't have asked for better weather, a better day, or better friends (who are great sports!) to share it with!

Quotes of the Day:

"Is it your birthday?" little girl at the park.
"You want... three kidsmeals?" Incredulous teller at McD's
"Why hello Princess!" Random guy at TDT
"18 is SO old you have to relieve your childhood already. At this rate your mid-life crisis will arrive at 25. Better brace yourself." Aunt Colleen
"Your tutu is showing." Mom

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