Sunday, February 3, 2013

Vampire Cat Strikes Back!

This evening, I was minding my own beeswax and chillin on my bed and my cat makes a little mew sound at me. (But it did not sound nearly as cute as the word "mew" implies. Rather, it came out as a kind of half-hearted meow, as if he is tired and old and already starting to give up on life.) And I follow through with the usual routine--which is to ignore him until he meows loud enough that it gets to a point where we can't ignore him anymore.

This time, instead of growing steadily louder, he decided to skip that whole stage and he bit my hand! I snatched it away from his angry jaws exclaiming, "Hey! Not cool! Leave me alone!" and returning back to whatever article I was reading on Bernard. (Probably an article about vampires or dangerous cats or animals that eat cats...)

And then! Next thing I know, I had a cat flying towards me, jaws open wide, and he bit my shoulder! My cat literally attacked me, completely unprovoked! Needless to say, I was shocked.

From the picture, you can see two vertical fang marks on the right side and a red line sweeping to the left. There are matching puncture wounds on the other side (not shown in the picture). And this was taken an hour or two after it happened!

Who knew... who knew that THIS:

could be capable of such malice and anger!

I am now convinced that my cat is a vampire who needed to satisfy his thirst for blood. Now, I will be looking up anti-vampire solutions and home remedies. If you know any, shoot me a note. In the meantime, this cat will be sleeping outside tonight. *angry face*

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