Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Watercolor Crazy

"After a thousand water colors you will find you have fallen in love with paper and paint"
-Rex Brandt

Arguably, truer words have never been spoken, at least in my case. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of participating in a single art class on the topic of water colors, and I found it to be so engaging and fun that I wanted to give it a shot. Last night I had my chance. I pulled out my cheap watercolors and I made such masterpieces as these:

Please, by all means, bask in their glory. They are just gestures done in 2-3, 6, or 10 minutes.

The first gestures (2 minutes)

Because I didn't have anyone to pose for me, I stole pictures off of the internet to copy, taking the more interesting poses. The above gestures are from a series of prom pics.

After a bunch of 2-3 minute gestures, I tried 6 minutes, adding more colors and tones:

This was the first 6 minute gesture I did.

The above actually was from a picture of myself!

And finally, after I'd gotten down the 6 minute gestures, I did one 10 minute gesture:

Since the letter was to Jake, I decided to do a gesture of him using his graduation picture. I love the way it turned out. I hate doing the face because I feel like I always mess up the eyes by outlining them, but this one turned out okay. It gives the impression of it without me having to do anything!

There are many flaws, as these are just the first ones I've done. I look at them and see this line is too long, those lines should have connected sooner, there's too much white space (Especially in my first 2-3 minute gestures) But not bad for my first attempt on my own. I'm pretty pleased with the results! And now, of course, I really want a set of nice watercolors. For now, I'll settle for the cheap ones, since that's what I have.

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