Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cats the Musical-a review

So I am sick and yesterday, I decided that I wanted to watch Cats because it's been on my list of "movies to watch" for a while now...

It was very...interesting, to say the least. I was dependent on the Wikipedia page on the subject to understand the plot of the movie.

Basically, this musical is about a tribe of Cats and once a year there is a celebration where all the cats in the tribe come together and Old Deuteronomy (the old leader cat) chooses one special cat to be reborn into the Heaviside layer (a type of heaven, I assume...). The movie is a bit predictable in the fact that there is obviously only one cat whom he could possibly choose. And that is Grizzabella, the rejected cat, whose lost the sparkle of her youth and, looking for acceptance once again in the tribe, tries to regain her former glamour.

Along the way, there is  a lot of amazing music, vocals, and choreography. I wouldn't reccommend this movie for younger children because some of the costumes are tight and there are several scenes and cats that are suggestive in nature.

At one point, Cameron (who was in the living room) says, "Misha! Why are you watching this?!?" I looked at him and said, "Why are YOU watching this. Put your nose in that book!" Since the version we had was a cassette tape and the only VCR (old old technology there) we have is in the living room, I couldn't watch it anywhere else.

Overall, it was an interesting movie, my parents watched the second half and all they could see was the 80s-ness of the movie but sometimes that's okay... Except when after that point, all you can think of is 80s. Otherwise, the movie was pretty cool. Probably not on my favorites list though.


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