Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mom Scores Big for Valentine's Day!!!

They looked more impressive before... But Daddy got Mom flowers. And they went out for dinner on Tuesday.

and here are my Valentines!!!!

If I sent you one, do you see yours?? This year, my valentines featured Mr. Charles Dickens. I decided that I am in love with his work and so he is worthy of my valentines. :) You like? Some of them have quotes, which I would post here, except I can't remember any of them. They were all different. I think there were more than what's pictured here.

I got a grand total of THREE valentine's this year. One of them was from my mom. I hope you guys all got more valentines than that!!!

This year, mine turned out really nerdy but they were super fun to make. I think I'm gonna have to make it a tradition... Nerdy Valentines. Yep. Although, I don't know how I'm gonna top this next year... Somehow. I already have a few ideas. We shall see.

The Past Revisited: Valentines from Last year-

Those ones turned out cute! But I was really happy with this years. And they weren't such a pain to make! And I went super stingy by only sending postcards instead of sticking them in envelopes. But I had more to send this year so I justified it. Hopefully those evil postal machines didn't tear them up too badly...

I also made cookies like last year but I didn't take pictures of them. Which is a shame because they turned out really cute!! And tasty!! All in all though, the day was pretty ordinary... But that's alright. I'm just happy to know that my valentines brightened up other people's V-day. (And this I know, because some people have told me!) 


  1.! Your valentines are adorable!

    And kudos to your dad for taking such good care of your mom!

  2. Aww, mine's not on there Misha! =( Aw well =) I get to look at it everyday! haha!
    When I got mine out to see if it was in the picture, I found the old valentines from elementary school that I was going to send you with your valentine! I guess I forgot to put them in the envelope :/ Oh well! I'll send them with your next letter =)
    I'm abusing the comment feature! But, to be fair, the first thing I said had to do with your post haha =) ttyl =)
    <3 Kyla


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