Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentime's Cookies!


Every Valentine's day, my grandma makes delicious valentines cookies with little red candies and distributes them by the plateful to each individual family.
So, last night, I was missing the old tradition a little bit and I made some valentime's cookies of my own! I even used the same recipe as Grandma, and look how beautiful they turned out!! 

I asked my mom about the little red candies and she said, "They're red hots, honey."
"Red hots? Just red hots? That's all?" I replied, shocked that they were not extremely special valentine's day only type of candy. I didn't put red hots on mine since it was such a spur-of-the-moment project but I frosted all of them AND put sprinkles on them. 

After a while, I got kind of tired of standing there frosting and sprinkling so I stopped the originality and just sprinkled them plain. I did have some pretty cool ones! There were a couple of faces and pretty patterns... I got really creative with the sprinkles—until I stopped. And I made a big big mess but it was fun so I have no qualms about it.

The sheet of paper in the background is my Awana notes which I tried to study but it didn't work out too well. Instead, I hummed Barlowgirl songs to myself. Yeah not a lot of studying got done. Oh well.

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