Thursday, February 18, 2010

Youth Worship

At our church, we have a thing, for lack of a better word, (Serious lack of a better word.) called Youth Worship. One Sunday a month, some of the youth lead our church in worship. They do an awesome job and now I'm one of them!! I sing on the youth worship team now. We had a practice-run this evening and we'll play on Sunday. This is my second time singing with them and it's really fun. I am getting much better with the mike. At first, I was rather tentative behind the mike but I'm a fast learner. Now, I can take the mike out of its stand!! (I feel so accomplished.)

Ben leads on guitar and Jake co-leads on the keyboard but this week, he's playing the drums (And he is a very good drummer.) so that Christian can play the keyboard (He is really good too.) Joe will be playing his Bass guitar for the first time and Sarah will be singing too. Joe was going to play his Bass the last time youth led worship but then he went and sprained his wrist that Saturday. sprained wrist=no Bass. ☺

I am so excited and I love worshipping with my friends! It really ministers to the hearts of the people in the church. Ben picked beautiful songs for us and we're trying out a new song called "Always Forever" by Phil Wickhan and it is a great song. The melody sings almost like a harmony-but in a good way. I sing the harmonies if I know them but usually I just stick to the melodies. Sometimes Sarah and I will switch back and forth. Singing with her is fun! I'm so excited about Sunday.

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