Monday, February 1, 2010

The Joys(!) of Editing

Guess who was a good little girl and edited ten pages today?!? Me! =D

Yep, yep, yep! I edited a whopping 10 pages today!

Here is the pic of the manuscript before I attacked it with my pens and highlighters! and my flashdrive is on top.

And here are some of the pages that have given me the nightmares!
As you can see, it is very VERY marked up. And this is only three pages! Can you say "scary"? This is why it is taking me so long for all y'all to read it! But I'm over halfway through page-wise and I'm at halfway regarding chapters. Once I finish though, I'll be sure to send it out to everyone who wants it.

 Naturally, I've come across a lot of hilarious errors and mistakes, playfully called "nano-isms" Some of the best:

  • "sighing, Jason briefly briefed him."
  • "everyone has their own personal preferences"
  • "he had a very reputable reputation"
Department of Redundancy Department please?


Redundancies aside,

As of now, I have edited 57 pages! Yay! 61%! I did the math the other day and if I edit a minimum of 2 pages per day, I will finish by February 20th! However, I fell behind during the weekend (I didn't edit a thing!) so I'm caught up as of today. I am that much closer to being done! Then comes the type in. Joy(!)

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