Monday, February 22, 2010

Best Birthday Ever!!

Ultimately, it was a good day. Right from the very moment I woke up! Mom wished me "happy birthday" when I came into the room and then, she gave me jamba juice for breakfast! My favorite!

Then I opened all the lovely letters and cards and a present from my parents! I got lots of little goodies like chocolate and flaming hot Cheetos! Yum-o!

Since we hosted college group, we didn't get to go out to dinner as a family (birthday dinner is a tradition.) but we have plans to go to Macaroni Grill sometime this week. Macaroni Grill is a really upscale Italian restaurant. In previous years, we've gone to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant and Sweet Tomatoes. Instead, Mom took Cam and me to JoAnns and we went out to Chick fillet for lunch.

I got lots of happy birthday well wishes from the college group and they sang happy birthday to me in "their BEST choir voices"! Dad videotaped the amazing-ness. They probably earned a 10 on the scale of horrible-ness so if it's not too late, be prepared before you watch the video. It can be very grating on the ears; especially if you play it over and over again.

All in all, it has been a wonderful birthday and the lack of pictures should prove what a good time I had! No worries though, my party is this friday and we shall be taking a LOT of pictures so I'll make up for it, just not right now. ;)


  1. Cool, Meesh, happy birthday! Sorry I didn't call, but...just check your email!

  2. Hey, Meesh, my bro just edited his blog. Now he's collecting minions to rule the world, and I thought that was right up your alley, so you might want to become a follower. I can't, cuz his blog is on the same profile as mine, and I can't follow "my own blog." =( see ya! oh! his blog address is


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