Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Explosion in the Kitchen


The remains of the 2-cup Pyrex® measuring cup.

While calibrating a candy thermometer, Misha, budding chemist, was lucky to be found alive after the explosion of a 2-cup, glass, measuring cup in their kitchen mid-morning, Tuesday.

The explosion was a shock and, though not expected, provided much laughter for the homeschooler and her mother. Her mother states that she had warned the girl that the temperature the dish could handle was unknown.

When asked if, despite the explosion, the desired results were achieved, Misha had this to say, "I think I have enough data to finish the experiment and write my report. The experiment was faulty to begin with since my thermometer did not go lower than 25°C (37°F), but as I said before, I believe I have enough data to do what [the textbook] wants me to do."

There were no apparent injuries but the soup (pictured in the top right corner) is most likely ruined and there is much clean-up yet to be done. The glass is everywhere in the kitchen and even into the dining area off the kitchen. The stove-top was covered. She was not wearing safety goggles.

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