Friday, April 15, 2011

Bribery Vs. Oppression

There are two ways of getting what you want when talking reasonably doesn't work. And those two ways are: bribery and oppression.

So I was trying to convince Cam to sing "Lean on Me" for the Chet talent show that's coming up in April. But he refused. Why? I don't know. But the fact is; he refused. And then you have me over here, desperate for him to sing with me. Because I can just picture all the beautiful harmonies and how amazing it would sound and everything in my head... And I'm trying to figure out what to do.

I asked if I could possibly bribe him and he said it depended on what it was... Then, within that same hour, he asked if he could have one of my otter pops (which Milea gave me for my birthday.) I was like, "mmmm... will you sing with me in the talent show?" And he looks at me with the I-can't-believe-my-own-sister-would-use-this-against-me face and he goes, "No!!" So I didn't let him have any of my otter pops until he said yes. (But this was just something I'd decided in my head.)

While I was discussing my dilemma with Dad, he suggested I use brute force. "Oppression!" he said. Violence. "Tickle him until he says yes!" he offered... I told him I'm too nice to do that. And he'd probably wet himself before he said 'yes.'

So I thought and thought and in the end, I convinced him by promising to buy him something at intermission. And that worked. I also might've said a certain something about a certain someone which I probably shouldn't mention on this blog... But I promise you, it wasn't blackmail! Cross my heart. It was just a little...prompting!!

In any case, it worked and he obliged me by singing with me. Ah the beauty. Oh, the harmony. The sweet loveliness of our voices blended together in (almost) perfect unison... It was angelic, I tell you.

It was a little rocky at first but it had the beginnings of something great. I sent a recording to a few people and Joe said it was "beast" (whatever that means in today's modern language.) Kerri said he did a great job sticking down the melody.

When we got up for the sound check, Cam was super nervous and he started missing some of the notes. He would get confused by my harmony and go completely flat... Dad told him to plug his ear and we sung the chorus and he sung it perfectly!! So he did that the whole time through. And IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!! I was so happy!! And it was so so SO much fun!! I bought Cam his nachos at intermission and he was a happy boy.

He really did a great job. Here's the video to prove it (if it'll load correctly, that is.)-

I would recommend closing your eyes and listening, but that's just me. I find it distracting that I keep looking right at the camera. But I swear I wasn't!! I was looking at Kerri! Because she has the most encouraging smile you ever saw. Especially when you're performing. Love that gal.

To summarize, the talent show was tons of fun and Cameron did an excellent job!! Wouldn't you agree?

note: I tried to upload the video about four times and no dice. It's just been taking forever to load!! :( I'm trying to upload it to You Tube and embed the video but even that's taking forever. I don't know what's wrong! I'm sorry. 

I did it!! I managed to get the video uploaded to you tube and posted here!! However, the video is unlisted so you can't find it on You Tube without the URL.



  1. Awww....sad!! I want to hear you guys! I bet it was amazing!!

  2. beast means awesome! I got called beast once. Haha, proudest moment of my least, I think it means awesome...


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