Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Times at the Zoo!!

So today, we went to the zoo!! It was so much fun! The zoo in this town is pretty small so we managed to see the whole thing in one day. Unlike the San Francisco zoo for instance, which I've been to two or three times and still have not seen the whole thing...

Some of the birds (peacocks and ducks and non-zoo birds like pigeons and grackles) roamed the pathways and you could get really close to them.

They also walked really close to the fence which was ideal for picture taking! Or maybe this one just liked me... Who knows?

This turtle (tortoise?) was gargantuine!! You can't even tell how big he was in this picture! We watched him practically trample that turtle in the bottom left corner. (I caught him in motion in this picture.) Turns out he was hungry! But seriously, it looked like he just crushed that other turtle. We came back and he wasn't moving at all. O_o I witnessed a murder at the zoo!!!

The monkeys and apes and chimps and other such creatures were one of my favorite parts. Me and Cam were singing If It doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey the whole while. And coincidentally, that's exactly what the signs said!!! My respect for Veggietales has increased that much more!

The Gibbon (pictured in the bottom of the two above pictures) was in action! He was swinging all across his little.. I don't know what to call it... Area. Back and forth. It was very impressive. Then there was a second Gibbon (which you can see at the back of the giant cage in the picture) climbed down to get a corn cob on the ground and it was too far for him to get it without walking on the ground. And it was seriously like watching someone walk on hot cement watching him get it. It was so funny! (Because their toes are designed for swinging, not walking on the ground.)

And last but not least:

 The Giraffes!! I found the Giraffes quite enthralling. There were about five of them. I took so many pictures of them!!

Nothing particularly exciting happened in the giraffe exhibit but they were still fun to watch.

And there's me!! ^-^ With a giraffe in the background. Don't I look cute? :)

So that concludes our trip to the zoo. :)


  1. Meesh! That picture of you is BEAUTIFUL!! We've talked about going to the zoo for a long time now, but just haven't gotten there...but I want to see that turtle!

  2. Grackles are evil. And there's nothing we can do about it! Man, one day they're gonna take over the world, and there will be nothing we can do because they're freaking protected! Such beings of evil should not be legally kept from being shot. Specially since there's so many of 'em... Story idea!


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