Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cam's First Zit

No pictures to protect the innocent.

Little bro is growing up!!!!! :'(

He is discovering the wonderful world of having a first zit. Today, he said funny things like:

  • "Ahh!! What is it?" (initial reaction)
  • "I hate this!!!" (after it hurt because he was poking it.)
  • "When will it go away?!"
We told him that it will probably take a few days for it to go away and he needs to start washing his face. I told him not to touch it. Did he listen to me? Not really. Did he listen to Dad when Dad said not to touch it? Yep. What is up with that? (You'd think he'd listen to an expert. Maybe it's a man thing.. Who knows?)

The talent show approaches!! We practiced our singing for the old folks at Hundred Palms and it went really well. Looking forward to Friday!!!


  1. Aww...little Cam with his very own zit! Poor guy. Lol.

  2. Haha my bro does the same thing!!! I tell him to wash his face, and he refuses. I tell him I like a book, and he refuses to read it. Usually my mom has to make him then... the worst is when he asks me for help on math, and I help him, then he turns around and asks my mom, and she tells him the same thing... maybe it's a little brother thing. *shrugs shoulders*


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