Monday, June 13, 2011

The Greatest Smoothie in the World!

 So, last night I invented the greatest smoothie in the world.
It has four ingredients (in no particular order or quantity):

  • Sobe, the white kind. (pina colada)
  • chunks of pineapple
  • vanilla ice cream
  • ice
 All blended up in a blender and viola!!! The greatest smoothie ever!! I only added a few chunks of pineapple so it wouldn't overpower the coconut flavor of the Sobe. It is so tasty! I love my tropic flavors!


  1. I'm sorry, Meesh, but "The Greatest Smoothie in the World" has already been copyrighted by us. You're too late. Maybe something similar? =D

  2. Hah! with all due respect Miss Buff, I would like to see proof of papers of this copyright you speak of. ;)

  3. ...You're gonna have to talk to my lawyer. And is it really such a big deal to change your smoothie name to... The Best Smoothie in the World? Or the Greater Smoothie in the World? I honestly don't know why you're so stuck on this name...

  4. Haha. Excellent! I would love to speak to your lawyer! If you would kindly leave his or her contact information in my email box, I will gladly get on that. Haha. I'm not stuck on the name! You're stuck on not having the same name! :)

  5. Only because we copyrighted it. And I spoke to him, and he said he refuses to speak directly with you, he'll have to speak to your lawyer. I will give you his information, but he won't speak with you.


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