Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spontaneity at Youth Group

I love my youth group. I really do.

This week, we were appalled to discover that Joe was "too tired" to come to youth group because he was going to run at 5 am the next morning. "Excuses!" we said! So we decided to drive to his house and kidnap him and make him come to youth group.

It was pretty epic.

When we got there, Jake outlined the game plan and firmly warned us to be verry quiet and not laugh.
We crept towards the house (for we'd parked around the corner so Joe wouldn't know we were there.). Jake went up to the door to peek inside to see where Joe was. Then, on a whim, he changed the plan and rang the doorbell!!! Then he told us to run away!!

Sydney fell in the street.
 Her first youth group ever and she gets a nasty scrape! She was a tough girl though and handled it well, like all her injuries. Yay Sydney!! We all felt bad about that; hopefully her mom will let her come back to us.

Then, Jacob blew our cover by passing in front of the window. Jake and Daniel broke into the house through Jake's room and while Jacob "distracted" Joe at the front door, they came up from behind and grabbed Joe.

They had duct tape.

 We watched.

 They wrapped Joe all up with the duct tape (and he put up a nice fight)....
 And carried him out to the car!! And while all this was happening, Mr. And Mrs. Coffin were sitting in the living room as if nothing was happening.
 Nicole and Hannah

It was the awesomest youth group ever!!!! I love my youth group. We need to take another group picture sometime..

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