Sunday, March 14, 2010

Annual Celebration!

Every year, around March-ish, our church celebrates the time that we became the church we are today! We had a beautiful worship service this morning and everyone was really getting into it. We had an open prayer time, during which, everyone spoke out their praises to God. It was so amazing. A man was visiting and he praised God for everybody in the church and our leaders and he praised God for moving in us and through us and that he was glad he stopped by today. Isn't that just the nicest thing? It was really encouraging.

After church was over, Melissa, Mom, and I slaved over enchilada casserole (fit to feed an army) and creme puffs for four hours. It was fun, but also hard work. In the end though, the creme puffs were worth it. Then we all loaded up in the car and drove to my friend Christian's house for a mega huge party!!

It was so much fun! We just ate food til we were stuffed and enjoyed one another's company, playing games and talking. We watched the boys play "Horse" and egged them on. (Personally, I'm not a basketball person. Actually, I don't much like it.) As it grew dark, we started a campfire and sang worship songs on guitars together. The singing was lovely and the food was amazing! Dad was the camera man and he took a lot of pictures! (Which still need to be downloaded...) There were a lot of really good action shots of the Horse game. I got some good shots on my camera as well.

All in all, it was a great party and I enjoyed hanging out with my friends so much, as always!!

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