Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Great Stamp Dilemma

You may or may not know that I am a letter writer. I love everything that has to do with the USPS, mail, stamps, etc. I could talk to you for hours about how awesome the Post Office is (but I won't right now Perhaps later.)

My mail output is several times more than my mail input but everyone's been writing a lot more this month. (Maybe it's all the rain. people are inside and have nothing else to do.) And of course, I send tons of letters for no reason. No special occasion. Just to say hello and ask how people are doing.

But now, I am doing mail art. Mail art is art that you send through the mail (usually but not limited to envelopes) and generally requires two stamps for hand cancel-ing purposes.

So considering all this, I go through a lot of stamps each month. 90 to be precise. Yes, I used 90 stamps over the last month. Not even kidding. And here's how I found out!

This evening, my mom says, in a very meaningful voice, "Misha, where are the stamps?" She couldn't find them and bills needed to be paid. (I'm thinking "Uh oh." but it gets better!) Mom goes on to say that a little less than a month ago, she bought a pack of 100 stamps. She used 10 for bills last month. "What happened to the 90 other stamps?" she wanted to know.

Well, I believe that the only answer I can give is that they have gone into the postal system, never to return again. Sorry, Mom. I think she's going to make me start buying my own stamps now. (She tried to do it before, but it didn't work out.) Dad says I'm gonna need a job just so I can pay for my stamps! Or, I was thinking that I could stand on street corners with cardboard signs saying "Money for Stamps. Will send mail art if desired." I'm not sure how much I'd generate from that.

So be warned! If I don't reply to any letters right away, it is probably because I don't have any stamps. And if I do reply right away, it is probably because I am stealing stamps from the bill's allotment ( because I am that desperate.) If for some reason at all, you feel the strange urge to send me stamps, please do not hesitate in the least. I'll send you mail art!

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