Monday, March 22, 2010

The Joy Comes in the Morning!

So this week has been a week of burning midnight oil as it is. Early mornings and late nights certainly make for grogginess. But I was determined. On Saturday night, I pounded out the last seven pages of novel editing!! It was close to midnight and I was extremely tired after teaching English and Saturday night service but I DID IT!!! I was so exhausted that I didn't even celebrate until yesterday. I just turned on my music and crashed.

I'm still a little stoked about it. O_o I mean, seriously? That's it? It really wasn't so bad. And I could've been done earlier if it hadn't been for Awana Quizzing. Now, I'm in the home stretch and for all of you folks who are waiting to read it, the end is in sight!!

I began typing the edits in last night. It's an utter nightmare in all respects but thankfully, I don't have to sift through everything. I am bent on finishing and I will! I finished typing in chapter one and I'm most of the way through chapter two. I'll probably try to finish it tonight but I think I owe it to myself to go to bed early. What makes it so hard is that in the editing process, I rearranged the scenes so now, I'm having to skim through the document to find the scene I want, edit it, and cut and paste it to the right place. It's a lot faster since I'm keeping a lot of the original text.

Pictures of some edited pages can be found in this post Sorry I don't have any new pictures.

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  1. You come up with some brilliant titles!
    All you blogs are interesting too.
    Thanks for the link here! :)
    Congrats on finishing editing!!


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