Monday, January 17, 2011

Church and the USSRC (Not the Soviet Union)

This is the Swegles church. I asked Mr. Swegles to stop the car as we were leaving so I could get this (crooked) picture of their church. The crookedness wasn't on purpose. We're going back for youth group on Wednesday but it will be dark then so my picture wouldn't turn out quite as good.

It's a sweet medium-sized church! Lots of friendly people there.

Now pictures from: The United States Space and Rocket Center (USSRC)

The rocket outside the center that doesn't fit in the screen of my camera because I was too close!

Me showing Jarrett my postcard that I made on the airplane! He looked at me like I was crazy...

Inside the museum-another ginormous model of a rocket. Separated in the different parts that it launches into after takeoff. There was a great long kinda dull explanation about it but I don't remember exactly how it works.

Monkey footprint!!!! The first monkey in space-his footprint is the subject of this picture. Yay monkeys!! I love monkeys...

I know it's backlit and awful; but this is a picture of an engine. On the giant rocket, there were five of these great funnel like things. I wanted to sit on one of them and dangle my feet over the edge. This time Mattea gave me the "you're crazy" look! Unfortunately, I couldn't do it with this engine as there were orange bars blocking the way and it was resting on the ground. =P Lame.

Me and Matt in a model flight chamber. (I think.) It looks like we're lying down, but we're really not. The seats were put that way! It was weird.

Lookin' good in them thar spacesuits!! You really should've seen the boots. Wow. They were.... quite fashionable.

And last but not least (because it was probably the most fun part) was the rock climbing wall!!!
Notice how about 3/4 (1:06) of the way through the video, I (I'm the one on the left) do my spider monkey pose (not intentionally) and get stuck because I have nowhere to go...

I think this was my first time on a rock-climbing wall. Maybe my second. Now that I think about it, it was actually my second since I did do one when I was nine... But that was a long time ago.

There are a few more pictures on her camera but it's being finicky right now so I'll post them later.
To Be Continued....

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