Friday, January 7, 2011

The Thing about Flames....

You know, there's a thing about flames and public blogs....

People can find them!! O_o

Last night, I wrote a giant post about the Bio 5 Institute. I have removed it after Mr. Hall, the Co-director of the Bio 5 Institute, corrected me and I will be emailing him later today to apologize and ask a few more questions. The post turned into a rant about people who are anti-homeschool and I realize that it may have appeared that I was accusing Bio 5 of being anti-homeschool.

In any case, it was not my intention to paint Bio 5 as an uninformative anti-homeschool program. Mr. Hall said they understand the homeschooling plight and he has known some talented homeschool students. He said the details of the 2011 program are still being worked out and they'd be happy to talk about our situation and options. I intended the post to keep the family informed of what I've been up to and it turned into a flame so I have chosen to remove it.

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