Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mac the Ninja Snowman

This is Mac, the ninja snowman. See his snowball. Fear his wrath! He is a blackbelt in snowman karate and to complete the ensemble, he has a carrot nun-chuck. His squinty eyes will strike fear into your heart. Just by looking at this picture, hope and pray you will never come across such as the likes of THIS.

Posing with Mac.

Close up.

Snowman in progress.

Mac receives his ski mask. We had to...modify his head a little bit so the ski mask would fit properly.

Jarret's alien snowman, which he eventually turned into a dead snowman. In order to protect the public and uphold our agreement with Blogger that we shall not post inappropriate material on this blog, we cannot post pictures of the dead snowman, nor do we possess said pictures.

After we finished our snowmen, we invited the neighbor kids out for a snowball fight!! My first real snowman (that was taller than 2 feet) and my first snowball fight in the same day! Yeehaw!

Tomorrow, we are going to the rocket museum (?) after church. And on Monday, Matt and I are goin' to the movies. We haven't decided what we're going to see yet but it should be fun!

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