Monday, January 17, 2011


It any ordinary school day would begin. Mattea did school. While I baked bread, talked to my dear mother, and watched awesome Japanese anime videos on Stephanie's blog.
After Matt was finished with her work, we headed off to the movies to watch Gulliver's Travels. Afterward, we went out to Coldstone again. We had a lovely time but we snacked throughout the whole movie and then with CS, we were stuffed.

Here's us at Coldstone!^

Little did Mattea know, that there was a SURPRISE PARTY waiting for her at the house!! I have been keeping that one under my hat for a couple weeks now. She was soooo surprised!! It was amazing!! Mrs. Swegles invited 8 of her friends over and we had a grand old time.

There was a scavenger hunt:

And after Matt and I ran all the way up the street to one of the houses, not only were we ready to puke our brains out (thankfully, we didn't) but there happened to be no one home! So we had to get our item elsewhere.

The cheaters who took a car instead of running.

Posing for a picture together!

Ringing the doorbell of another house.

After the Scavenger Hunt, we played a few other games and ate dinner and watched Letters to Juliet (a super cute chick flic!) and after the movie, we ate cake and opened presents!!

The whole table, minus Matt (who took the picture)


The cake.

Group photo.


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  1. haha, that picture you took with all of your friends sitting around the table with birthday cake looks like a scene from a movie! sweet. This is Stephanie by the way^^


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