Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stop Stop Stop....A Quote

Me: Stop stop stop. It feels like you're moving something in my back.
Mattea: What?

Yesterday's dorky quote of the day. My back was hurting so I was telling Mattea to press really hard on it, in the hopes that it would get the cracks out.

But then she started using her thumb in a circular motion and it honestly felt like she was moving something in my back! I don't know what exactly-cartilage? That's just what it felt like! And I know it's physically impossible for Matt to be moving a piece of cartilage in the middle of my shoulder blade, but that's what it felt like.

But Matt repeated it back to me and I realized how ridiculous it sounded and we both laughed about it for about twenty minutes. And it's still funny!! It probably wouldn't have been nearly as funny if we hadn't been super tired and high on helium....

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